New Holiday Ornaments – Coming Soon!

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UPDATE: Purple Bunny is a Star!

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Purple Bunny had his on-screen debut on ABC-tv with Henry Thomas tonight. Here’s a poorly-filmed video clip (the volume is terrible but it’s funny just to see him in the scene). Click on this link to view: Purple Bunny Video Clip




Made for TV

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For my latest project, I was contracted to create two different plush pieces; a 2′-tall standing giraffe and a 30″-long floppy dog. Between constructing the dog’s head, to being able to create a ‘workable’ giraffe pattern, I think this was one of my more difficult challenges that I’ve had so far but one of the most fun. Giraffe and pup will appear ABC-TV’s “Betrayal.”

PlushGiraffe PlushDog




Mr. Beardsley’s First On-Screen Performance

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It was two years ago that Mr. Beardsley flew out to Los Angeles to audition for a role in “Between Us”, a film directed by Dan Mirvish and starring Julia Stiles & Taye Diggs.

Mr. Beardsley got the part and made his very first on-screen debut playing the part as “a gift for someone.”  It is also his first nude scene since he is shown beardless. Between Us is now available on iTunes, Netflix & Blockbuster.  Last night, Mr. Beardsley and I watched the movie and we both really liked it! It was dark and intense.  You can watch the trailer for it here.

Mr. Beardsley loved being handled by Julia Stiles. He hopes to make it into the next “Bourne” movie with her so he can show off his action skills.


The Loved Dinosaur

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My latest plush creation is a little, 8″ long “worn”, loved dinosaur.  He’s filled with split peas and cotton and I scratched up his eyes with sandpaper to make it look like he was dropped a number of times.  The stitching is a little looser in a couple of areas, the spots are hand-sewn on and I made his fur a little pilly.  This morning Dino and I headed over to Chicago Studio City so that he could do his test shots.  He will be appearing on ABC TV’s drama series, “Betrayal” this fall along with Purple Bunny.  Although I’m unable to discuss the scene he will be featured in, I will be sure to do a post update after the episode has aired.  Keep your peepers peeled!

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