The Thermals adopt Mr. Beardsley – Legless Lamby goes on tour

October 18, 2007 in Custom Plush


Not too long ago, one of our Beardsley members was adopted by Portland, Oregon’s post-pop-punk band, The Thermals . He is now enjoying his new home in their practice space. Mr. Beardsley (which they named, “Paw Paw“), was created with the help of their album, “The Body, The Blood, The Machine” (which you need to check out because it totally rocks your socks off).

Mr. Paw Paw Beardsley (seen in the photo below), is wearing some stylish wool plaid pants! His hat and shirt are both made from… thermals.


Paw Paw has been having a blast with his new family – here is an update:

Paw Paw Beardsley jumped into Kathy’s arms when first introduced. They have really grown to be great pals over the last few months. Aren’t they just darling? Of course!


Recently, Paw Paw had an opportunity to travel with Hutch and Kathy and hang out at the beach. Little did they know that Paw Paw enjoys spending his time in public… naked. Yes, it’s true. Despite his lush brown beard and adorable getup, Paw Paw is a nudist.

Check out these great photos that Hutch took!



Can you find Paw Paw in the picture above?


Paw Paw (still naked) and Kathy sit down to work on some songs. He really sees to it that everything is in tune before they record.


On Wednesday, October 24, another one of our creations, “Lamby”, a plush, legless lamb met up with the band at their show in Chicago to join them for their U.S. tour. Here is Lamby at her photoshoot:





Thanks to The Thermals for giving us an update on their bearded addition. It’s great to hear that Paw Paw has fit in so well with his new family! He hasn’t gotten himself into too much trouble, although they did say that he likes to run around the practice space late at night when no one else is there and move things around on them. Hopefully Lamby will travel well with the band as they make their way to the East coast!

The Thermals are currently playing a bunch of shows in the U.S. You should check out their myspace page to see if they will be playing near you!

Plush You 2007!

October 17, 2007 in Past Exhibits


Plush You! is an annual exhibit of plush toys put on by Kristen Rask, shop owner of Schmancy in Seattle, WA. Intimidnation is excited to be a part of this show for the second year in a row! See below for our submissions. The show runs from October 12th-November 12th. You should check it out if you’re in the area – It’s a great place to find some fun and unique gifts for the holidays!




Plush You! Book

October 16, 2007 in Uncategorized


Available November 2007 – Plush You!: Lovable Misfit Toys to Sew and Stuff. Kristen Rask, owner of Schmancy, a unique toy shop in Seattle, WA has put together a collection of plush toy artists from all over the world! Go to page 25 of this book for some bearded cuteness!