Picture 45
L A U R A  G R A N L U N D

Creator of Mr. Beardsley, the bearded gnome creature.

You won’t find it on a map, in an atlas or by car. In fact, Intimidnation isn’t a nation at all! It’s a collection of handmade plush, paintings and illustrations brought to life by the heart and mind of Los Angeles artist, Laura Granlund. Born and raised in Western Mass, Granlund spent her formative years teaching stuffed animals to talk and playing in the woods behind her house.

Granlund’s creations have previously appeared in exhibits such as: Plush You! (Seattle), Crammed Organisms (St. Louis), Plushform (Chicago), Giant Skills (Ft. Lauderdale), Plush! (New Haven) and Welcome to Dollywood (LA).

You may have also seen her work crawling around the pages of such notable books and magazines as: People Magazine, Juxtapoz, Pitchfork.com, MF Magazine, Fiber Arts, Venus, Plush You! and Crammed Organisms. Noted individuals with custom plush designed in their likeness include: Conan O’Brien, Isaac Mizrahi, The Thermals, Billy Corgan, Dinosaur Jr. and Bill Murray’s character, Steve Zissou from Life Aquatic.

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