I’m never really 100% sure what my plush creations are going to turn into.  I’ll sift through fabrics and pull together colors and textures that look interesting together and slowly start to sculpt the material until it’s folded in a position that I want to freeze (sew) in place. I never use patterns because it’s more fun to let the imagination run wild and watch it evolve and take shape. For this critter, I started with the head and ears and then the stomach, sewing the bands of color together. I made his eyes beady and gave him a goofy nose (a button covered in fabric) to make him look more innocent & cuddle-worthy. The hardest part was stitching the leather claws in his paws. The very last detail was his bow tie.  I was getting ready to package him up and it looked like he was missing something. I ended up creating a racccoon-fox-bear-man!

Picture 54

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